Can glass actually help with coastal erosion?

Save our beaches!

Now here's a rare case where two wrongs actually make a right! It's like a thrilling plot twist that defies all expectations. We're pumped to share this exciting and innovative solution that flips the script on a major environmental problem.

The story behind this game-changing solution is nothing short of empowering. It shines a spotlight on the incredible impact individuals can have when they approach challenges with a "Glass Half Full" mindset. It's a tale of inspiration and motivation that reminds us all that even in the face of adversity, we have the power to make a positive difference.
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Get ready to be inspired by the amazing story of Glass Half Full recycling company, brought to life by the dynamic duo of college students, Franziska Trautmann and Max Steittz. These visionaries saw the devastating coastal erosion plaguing our planet, coupled with the abundance of glass in landfills and the scarcity of sand. And they thought, "Hey, why not turn these problems on their heads?"

In 2020, Glass Half Full came into existence. Their mission? To rescue glass destined for the dump and transform it back into its original granular form. From gritty gravel to silky-smooth sand, the glass is sorted and repurposed, creating a whole range of new glass products and even gravel for driveways. But that's not all.

The significance of Glass Half Full's work goes beyond aesthetics. They've become superheroes for the Louisiana coastline. The sand they produce has been used to fill sandbags, creating protective barriers and mitigating flooding during hurricane season. Can you imagine the impact? They're not just safeguarding the coast in its current state but also aiding in coastal restoration, helping those hurricane-battered areas regain their former natural glory.

Now, here's a startling fact: Louisiana loses an American football field's worth of land every 100 minutes due to coastal erosion. That's a serious problem. Glass Half Full, however, has made a commitment to focus their efforts on restoring this lost land. And the benefits are twofold. Louisiana spends millions of dollars annually importing sand to protect its shores from fierce hurricanes. By repurposing glass and preventing it from ending up in landfills, Glass Half Full not only saves valuable resources but also cuts costs for the local taxpayers.
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In such a short amount of time, Franziska and Max have swooped in and rescued over two million pounds of glass from the clutches of landfills. Talk about a heroic mission! They started with a modest backyard setup, but now they're taking the world by storm. Even esteemed scientists like Senior Professor Katie Russell from Tulane University can't resist their charm. Professor Russell and her crew are putting the ground-down glass through the wringer, all in the name of uncovering its superpowers as a natural resource for protecting shorelines.

Let's face it, Louisiana knows a thing or two about devastating hurricanes. That's why the support Glass Half Full offers is nothing short of a lifesaver. Professor Russell envisions a future where these recycled glass warriors, aka sandbags, line the coastline like an invincible army. They'll shield the environment, safeguard homes, and keep local communities thriving. It's a visionary approach that could redefine the very essence of coastal protection.

So buckle up, folks! Franziska and Max are rewriting the rules and showing us what it means to be true heroes. They're on a mission to save the day, one glass at a time. And hey, who knows, maybe you'll be inspired to join the crusade or come up with your own brilliant idea. The possibilities are endless, and the impact is immeasurable.
What’s more, it really brings into question the attitude that individuals can’t make a difference. That it’s up to the big brands and organisations out there that are responsible for making widescale changes.

And, while it is key that big businesses take more responsibility for their approach to protecting the planet, it goes to show that we can all make a difference.

Whether that’s changing your approach to recycling, making responsible choices when it comes to packaging your small business’ products or even setting up your own eco-friendly glass recycling startup, we can all have the potential to make a real difference.

These two college students have proven that. From crushing waste packaging destined for landfill in their back yard, to a fully functioning operations, support of volunteers and investors and the potential to help protect their local area, Franziska and Max are doing some incredible work.

If you’d like to find out more about how you can combine beautiful design with environmentally-friendly packaging choices, get in touch with Studio Unbound today. We’ll be more than happy to support you in creating impactful and responsible branding.
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