When is it time to rebrand?

Four signs you should change things up a bit

Humans are stubborn creatures. As a species, we don’t like change. So deciding to mix things up a little can be an extremely difficult thing for brand leaders to do. Let’s be real, after spending years and years developing your brand, it is easy to become attached. You put in so much hard work, watched your little brand baby grow, taught it to ride a bike, watched it in all it’s school plays. Rebranding can sometimes make brand leaders feel like they have failed.

At Studio Unbound, we see many businesses struggling to decide whether to stick with what they have or whether to ‘start again’.
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If you are finding yourself facing this dilemma right now, we have some good news for you. The truth is you will never really be ‘starting again’. You will merely be building on the aspects of your brand that are working well and modifying the aspects that aren’t working too great.

Changing your brand isn’t a bad thing. The most successful businesses in the world are constantly tweaking and improving their brand, moving with the times to stay relevant. Coca-Cola was created in 1886. If they had never rebranded, they would have become obsolete. They would have never developed their iconic bottle shape. They simply wouldn’t be the Coca-Cola that we know and love today.

To put it in a rather poetic way (you know you love it), if the caterpillar never changed, we wouldn’t have the beautiful butterfly. You can steal that from us and put it right next to your Live Laugh Love sign if you want. We don’t mind.
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So when is it time to rebrand? Here are some signs for you to watch out for.

Has your business changed since you first started?

In the first five years of a business, things can change pretty rapidly. What once resonated with you, your business and your audience can evolve and develop, leaving your brand behind. Have you been feeling like your values and goals have changed since you first started out? Do you feel like your brand image is no longer an authentic representation of the business you are running? If so, it may be time to consider a rebrand.
Has it been a while?

If you can’t remember the last time you worked on your branding then perhaps it’s time. As we have mentioned on previous posts, creating a brand is a marathon not a sprint. It takes time, trial and error and most importantly consistency. Think of yourself as a gardener. Now just because you weeded the garden three years ago, it doesn’t mean that the garden doesn’t need any work done today. It is important to keep checking in with your brand, assessing what is and isn’t working.
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Your brand just isn’t cutting the mustard

Sometimes this one can be hard to admit, but you know deep down whether your brand is working or not. Are you engaging with your audience? Are you getting on the shelves? Are you hitting your targets? If not then it may be time to have a rethink. It could be a good time to get advice from a professional and make sure that all of your hard work will pay off.
Has the market changed?

Markets can change rapidly in a short period of time. If you have seen a change in your sector then it may be time to look into rebranding. Perhaps when you started you had very little competition. What has changed in your sector over the years? Has the market become saturated? If so you may need to do a little more to stand out from the crowd and ensure you don’t fall behind. In the same vain, if you are seeing a shrink in your market it may be time to ask yourself why, adapt and reposition yourself.
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BREWDOG: A case study for success in rebranding

James Watt, founder of BrewDog can frequently be found poking fun at his own early attempts at branding. If you don’t believe us, take a look for yourself.

In recognising the shortcomings of his brand imagery, James saved a lot of time and disappointment by seeking the right help. He became Scotland’s youngest ever Entrepreneur of the Year and saw huge growth in his business, hitting the Sunday Times Fast Track 100 an incredible six years in a row! Who knows what would have happened if BrewDog hadn’t considered a rebrand, but we think it’s clear that they wouldn’t have achieved the success they have achieved today.

Will I lose the audience I have already built up?

There is always a worry that in changing your brand a little you may lose the audience that you already have. It is a valid concern, however it is a lot less likely than business owners think. The reason for this is that when you rebrand, you aren’t tearing your business up from the roots. You are simply giving your little business plant a prune. You keep the aspects of your business that resonate with and engage your audience and modify the aspects of your business that don’t.

Sometimes a brand can be a little like a toxic relationship ya know? Sometimes loving it just isn’t enough and you have to make sure that you aren’t holding onto things just because you are scared of the unknown.

To be a brand leader you need to believe in your judgment and make bold moves.

Are you ready to redefine, recentre and rebrand?

Get in touch with us. We will support you every step of the way.
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