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Making women’s nutrition clear.

It's hard to keep up with healthcare fads, especially for products marketed towards women. Every year, a new ingredient becomes the go-to for living a healthier life. But most of these claims aren't backed up by science, leaving us confused and frustrated. Clara's on a mission to change that, with their new range of multivitamins aimed at women in different stages of their lives. They asked Studio Unbound to create a brand and packaging design that would make it easier to make informed health choices and get the right information about the nutrients that women’s bodies need.

Studio Unbound took a refreshing approach to Clara's branding by using captivating infographics as the foundation for each design. Each multivitamin proudly displays its own 'C' (for Clara) infographic, breaking down the precise amount of each ingredient it contains. With a colour-coded key on the packaging and an informative postcard insert, consumers can easily understand what they're getting and the benefits of each ingredient. For those craving more details, the website delves deeper into the science behind each component.

The result is a visually stunning brand and packaging design that dismantles barriers, empowers women, and presents information in an accessible manner—no fluff included. Clara is on a mission to cut through the confusion, making healthcare choices clearer and allowing women to take control of their well-being with confidence.
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