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A moo-vement in the dairy industry.

With the rise of plant-based milk, a lot of dairy milk producers are looking to pivot their business models and are starting to focus on delivering premium products. The consumption of dairy milk has shifted in a lot of mindsets from an everyday occurrence to a luxurious indulgence. With this in mind, Studio Unbound was approached to transform Irish Cream Liqueur into a brand and packaging design that defied outdated stereotypes of the drink being unfashionable.

Studio Unbound adopted a stripped-back approach to the bottle design, aiming to showcase the product's purity while infusing it with a contemporary edge. The carefully crafted details were not overlooked; the bottle's shape resembles a traditional milk churn, while the neck incorporates an Irish knot, paying homage to the drink's heritage and creamy nature. Positioned at the centre, the embossed logo cleverly utilises negative space between the letters, resulting in an elegant and subtle imprint of a cow's head, an unmistakable and sophisticated feature.

Studio Unbound's design embraces the essence of the product, instilling a sense of pride and reclaiming the joy of enjoying Cream Liqueur. The brand exudes confidence by seamlessly blending its unique identity with understated elegance, allowing it to stand out amidst competitors in the market.
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Limited Edition MU Chocolate Orange Irish Cream Liqueur

Introducing the limited edition MU Chocolate Orange Irish Cream Liqueur; a fusion of design mastery, exquisite flavour, and packaging excellence, this limited-edition release promises to infuse your holiday celebrations with a touch of magic.

Staying true to its iconic milk urn shape, the bottle showcases the bold MU logo intricately embossed on the glass, revealing the iconic cow head within the negative space. Following the original packaging architecture, the cap and neck label shine in lustrous brushed copper, reminiscent of orange zest, adding a luxurious touch that beautifully contrasts against the rich brown of the liquid.

The Irish knot design, with a festive twist on the traditional, pays homage to the Irish Cream Liqueur inside. Inspired by the intricate delicacy of a snowflake, it brings a note of sophistication and festive cheer to the packaging.
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